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Dr Julia Strickler, ND

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Making Healthy Choices

In a world with increasing choices, how can we make the ones that best serve our total health?  Dr Julia Strickler ND is committed to educating and empowering each person to make the best decisions for themselves.  To support the healing process, she combines current scientific medical knowledge with the wisdom of healing traditions.

Health is more than the absence of disease.  Dr Strickler ND believes that health is the total expression of wellness in the mind body and spirit.  Naturopathy works to align each person towards total health through the use of nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, mind-body awareness, and lifestyle recommendations.

Naturopathy addresses a number of conditions and challenges, from chronic disease to daily stress management.  Working with Dr Strickler ND can help to boost your overall energy level allowing you to be more effective in your life. 

  1. *Dr. Julia Strickler, ND is not licensed to practice medicine in the State of Texas so we advise you to maintain the care of licensed medical professionals such as Primary Care Physicians and Specialists.