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About Dr Strickler

As a naturopath, I am passionate about natural medicine and discovering new ways to apply ancient healing principles to modern life.  I love discussing health, whether it be the health of an individual, a community, or the environment.

A Texas native, I received my naturopathic medical doctorate from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington.    Naturopathic medicine integrates the most cutting edge medical science with the wisdom of healing traditions. Bastyr is rated as one of the best medical schools in the country by the Princeton Review and is a leader in the field of natural health science.

In addition to studying in a formal setting, I have worked with various healers and physicians. Some of my experiences include interning at The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California, working at The Texas Center for Biological Medicine in Dallas, Texas, and practicing at the Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center in Pahoa, Hawaii. Having worked in various settings from rural Nicaraguan communities to inner-city Seattle public health systems, I am able to address a variety of health concerns.

I love what I do and I want everyone to see the power and the passion they can express in the world when they are healthy from within.


Dr Julia Strickler, ND

Creating Wellness from Within


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*Dr Julia Strickler, ND is not licensed to practice medicine in the State of Texas, so we advise you to maintain the care of licensed medical professionals.

A growing number of states in the US regulate the licensure of naturopathic physicians. These states have various scopes of practice many including prescription writing, minor surgery, and IV administration coverage. Many of these states license naturopathic physicians as primary care physicians.  Texas is not currently a state that licenses naturopathic physicians. As such, you must maintain care through your MD or DO primary care physicians in addition to the services of Dr Strickler.  Dr Strickler is licensed in Vermont and uses her knowledge and education to provide the most informed information to all of her patients.  For more information regarding naturopathic medicine and naturopathic licensure in Texas, read this information on the Texas Naturopathic Association’s Website.